Lewes counselling and psychotherapy for teenagers

Sometimes teens need an extra bit of support and can benefit from coming to see a counsellor. When working with a teen, my first priority is to create a warm, safe space in which they feel comfortable exploring their thoughts and feelings. I can help them learn practical strategies to manage emotions such as anxiety or low mood.

Organising for a teen to see a counsellor such as me at my psychotherapy practice in Lewes, East Sussex. can be stressful for some parents- and a relief for others!- and I will talk with you before booking in your teen.

Before becoming a counsellor, I worked for over ten years as a high school teacher so have extensive experience of working educationally with young people including those with special needs . I also recently provided counselling at a local school in Brighton. And furthermore, I am a mother of teens, and step-mother, myself and so have a real understanding of issues affecting children and their families.

I have a current Disclosure and Barring Service Enhanced Certificate (DBS) which confirms that I have no criminal convictions and can work with young people. I also have additional training in Safeguarding when working with young people. My Lewes counselling practice is within easy reach of Lewes town centre and accessible by train from Hove and Brighton. Please give me a call or send me an email so that you can learn more about how I might help your son or daughter. Sometimes it can take a lot of courage facing up to the thought that our teenagers are not happy and that we don't know how to help them. Counselling can be the first step in helping them learn how to navigate their way through life more successfully.

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Lewes counselling and psychotherapy for Teenagers and Young People

Adolescence can be a really difficult time for young people and their families. Young people are going through a significant number of changes- physically, socially and psychologically- all at the same time. For many this can be overwhelming. As a Lewes counsellor and psychotherapist, I provide a space in which a child or young person can safely explore whatever is troubling them and discover what they can do to help themselves.

Before training to be a counsellor, I worked as a School Teacher for over ten years and so have an extensive knowledge of young people and their developmental needs. I am currently undergoing further training in working with teenagers and as well as being in private practice, I work in a Brighton High School offering counselling to young people.

With adolescents I provide a safe space in my Lewes counselling service for them to talk things through, to be listened to , a space in which they can explore their feelings, anxieties and problems in a supportive setting. Counselling can provide a teenager with a safe, confidential* space in which to talk through issues that are bothering them. Whilst what is said in my Lewes counselling room is kept private, I will always endeavour to keep you fully informed as to the direction the work is going in.

Parents often complain that their teenager doesn’t open to them, that they know something is wrong but can’t seem to find out what. This is where my Lewes counselling service can be particularly helpful. I am experienced and skilled at creating therapeutic relationships, in creating a space in which a young person wants to share what is going on with them. I use a variety of techniques to facilitate a therapeutic conversation- including sand tray work, use of imagery and the use of art materials . For most teenagers there is a sense of relief at finally sharing their problem with someone who listens, understands and who will not judge them. At my Lewes counselling and psychotherapy service I aim to provide a safe space for a teenager to open up about what is troubling them.

My aim as a Lewes counsellor of teenagers is to fully explore their current situation and then to help them to see how they might do things differently . I don’t tell the young person what to do, I simply help them to connect with their inner wisdom so that they themselves generate solutions. I also use neuroscience to inform my work and to help the young person understand why for example they become flooded with emotion and find it difficult to remain calm and composed.

What sort of issues might young people come to see me about at my Lewes counselling and psychotherapy service ?

  • losing someone
  • mum or dad separating
  • friendship issues
  • trouble at home or school
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • depression
  • bullying
  • panic attacks
  • eating issuess

    I have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate which means that I have no criminal convictions and can work with children and young people at my Lewes counselling service .

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